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Deepak Vishwakarma aims to brighten the lives of underprivileged children with Education, healthy meals, clean surroundings, Prioritizing women's health, a Sustainable Environment, and Livelihood. His passion for helping deprived children has brought him today to a renowned platform called Making The Difference Charitable Trust.
Established in 2015, Making the Difference (MTD) is an Indian non-profit organization. Today, the NGO is working through the concept of WHEEL- the mission of raising menstrual awareness through Project Lajja, providing nutrition and healthcare to the disadvantaged by Kill Hunger, donating blood through BloodDoNation, Project GyanDaan which aims at fighting illiteracy through our Open Schools, and environment-related projects like Kinaara (beach-cleaning) and Shoonya (Waste Management).
“I believe in solving the root cause of our social problems rather than fabricating the existing issues”

- Says Deepak Vishwakarma: Founder & President.