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Ration Distribution to wagers INDIAN CINEMA

Ration Distribution to wagers INDIAN CINEMA

Motive : To provide Ration kit to entertainment industry.

About : It is important to note that not only the daily wagers have been impacted by the sudden and dire impacts of the lockdown. An entertainment industry like Bollywood and in Mumbai, India’s film city has its own set of highly talented and dedicated entertainment industry wagers. If you were to ask how big the entertainment industry is, it would be estimated to be around 180 billion rupees in 2020. Now imagine how vast the sphere of people working in the industry is. The daily-wage performers, who constitute the backbone of Mumbai's entertainment productions, arrive well before the directors call to action and stay until long after pack-up is declared, but when the coronavirus-induced lockdown halted Hindi film production in March 2020, they were the first to be hit. The struggle of those at the bottom of the world's largest film business motivated those at the very top during the coronavirus pandemic, and soon stars from the little and big screen were doing their part to help everyone impacted, from hairdressers to background dancers, make-up artists, and light dadas. Making The Difference and Yash Johar Foundation had similar motives as well. We provided ration to everyone in this industry, from the side workers and dancers to actors and spot dadas.

Date : 01,July,2021, Time - 12pm to 8 pm

Address : Andheri

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