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Beach Cleanup Drive with 7/11 School

Beach Cleanup Drive with 7/11 School


Due to the dumping of garbage in the sea, it is getting polluted along with its shores. People are throwing garbage on the beaches and even it is resulting in pollution. Beach which is situated in UTTAN GORAI is a public place and a huge amount of people visit the beach and throw garbage on the beach.

MAKING THE DIFFERENCE CHARITABLE TRUST took a step towards beach cleaning. With the help of the students of SEVEN ELEVEN SCHOLASTIC SCHOOL, we will clean the uttan gorai beach.

The event held on:08/06/2022
This event was organized at UTTAN GORAI.
• 86 Student
• 27 Volunteers

With the help of 86 students and 8 teachers from SEVEN ELEVEN SCHOLASTIC SCHOOL, We cleaned the whole beach and made this event a success.

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