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MHM Session in Andheri-Maharashtra

MHM Session in Andheri-Maharashtra

Menstrual Health & Hygiene Awareness session was conducted in Spark A Change  in collaboration with Dangal

Project Lajja, was conducted on 26 March 2023, the session was attended by girls of Andheri, and our team of experts provided them with valuable insights on the importance of maintaining proper menstrual hygiene and its impact on their overall health.

We also distributed 61 Women Hygiene Kits and Menstrupedia Books to the girls and help them manage their periods effectively and promote eco- friendly menstrual hygiene practices.


·        Number of Session: 91

·        Number of attendees: 61

·        Number of Hygiene Kits distributed:61

·        Number of Menstrupedia Book distributed: 61

·        Partner Name: Dangal

·        Location of Awareness Session: Andheri

·        Date of Session: 26 March  2023

·        Total Life Impacted: 10,315

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