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Helping Street Vendors Amidst Lockdown

Helping Street Vendors Amidst Lockdown

Motive : This is our turn to repay them for their service by donating a grocery kit

About : Upon hearing his voice, people flock around him to buy fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, they have to bow to the wishes of the customers by reducing their rates.There are individuals who arrive on bicycles, laden with clothing, kitchenware, and other necessities of daily life. All of them are, without a doubt, difficult tasks. To make a life, a street hawker must put in a lot of effort. And yet, he is known to be a poor man. The second wave of Covid 19 compelled people to halt their do's, as we all know and have experienced. We have given relief to dabbawallas, cobblers and many daily wagers. Although we do not think this list to be complete without supporting street hawkers and vendors, those who toil from the daybreak till night. They used to manage their family by walking miles every day and giving their time and energy without expecting anything in return. Today, though, they are travelling miles in order to endure the gloom and hunger. Making The Difference, along with DonateKart, distributed Dry ration kits to hardworking street vendors

Date : 20,June,2021, Time - 12pm to 5 pm

Address : Mira road

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