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Ration distribution to Dabbwala's

Ration distribution to Dabbwala's

Motive : Dry Ration kits to Dabbwala community

About : The dabbawalas of Mumbai, clad in white and wearing traditional Gandhi caps, feed over 20,000 people every day by delivering home-cooked lunch to offices and businesses. They are a hardy bunch that work long hours in all seasons, primarily on bicycles and trains.Since the late 1800s, Mumbai has always seen the dabbawalas thrive and grow into one of the biggest, most established lunchbox delivery services in the entire world.

However, the pandemic with its dire impacts, made it impossible for the dabbawalas to even reach their destination without any reliable transport system. Local trains stood at a standstill and were known to be a threat for over 5000 dabbawalas and their loss of income. We came across many who were forced to abandon their years of work and take up an entirely new source of income such as driving rickshaws, just to make a day pass without starvation. From when the first wave had been declared in India, MTD pledged to assist these angels clad in white and their families in every way possible. Our campaign for Dabbawalas turned out to be one of the biggest and most successful initiatives during the lockdown. We distributed over 40850+ Dry Ration Kits to Dabbawalas all over Mumbai for over a period of eight months.Such a huge campaign was organized in nine different phases, ranging from April to September. Our volunteers coordinated with the Dabbawalas and by practicing strict social distancing norms, we were able to spread smiles to over hundreds of Dabbawalas and their families.

Date : 02-Jul-2021, Time - Multiple time

Address : Mumbai

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