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Eye Donation Awareness

Eye Donation Awareness

Navigating life without the gift of eyesight is like embarking on a profound adventure with no map, where touch, sound, and intuition become the guiding stars. Everyday challenges become extraordinary puzzles. On the other hand, facing life with a lack of blood is like attempting to power a vibrant machine with a dwindling energy source. Blood, that precious river of life, carries the vital oxygen and nutrients our bodies need to thrive. Without enough of it, daily activities become like scaling a mountain with a heavy burden, as exhaustion looms around every corner.

So here we are, with the shared stories of individuals bravely facing the challenges of blindness and living with a scarcity of blood served as a profound catalyst for Making the Difference Charitable Trust towards coming up with our projects Roshni and Blood Donation .

This project is executed by Mr. Deepesh Thakker, the Operations head at Making the Difference. His immense inspiration and dedication comes from his personal life story where he has closely witnessed the daily life struggles of his mother as well as his brother.

It was their stories that motivated us to establish this project, with a vision to offer support, hope, and an opportunity for a brighter future to those in needs. In the face of their challenges, we found our purpose, and in their courage, we discovered the impetus to make a positive change in the world.



- We have received 184+ pledges from individuals who have committed to donating their eyes across Mumbai.

- Our blood donation drives have successfully collected and contributed over 10,000 blood bags and continue to do so across Mumbai.



These individuals, in their battle against darkness and the scarcity of life-giving blood, taught us the transformative power of empathy and the boundless potential of collective action.


The power of blood and eye donation is a theme that not only touches the very essence of humanity but also reflects the beauty of selfless giving. When we come together to inspire, educate, and motivate people to embrace the noble acts of donating blood and eyes, we embark on a journey of compassion, hope, and the potential to save countless lives.

Join us as we explore the transformative world of giving, where a single act of kindness can illuminate a path of endless possibilities and renewed vision for a brighter future.