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Women Hygiene Awareness

Women Hygiene Awareness

82% of menstruating Indian women are either unaware or do not have access to basic sanitary resources.

71% of Indian girls remain unaware about menstruation before their first period.

70% of mothers consider menstruation blood ‘dirty’, further contributing to perpetuation of taboos surrounding menstruation.

88% of women and girls in India resort to using homemade alternatives like old cloth, rags, sand or ash which are suitable for proper menstrual care.


And what are we doing to help this scenario? Observing the challenges that women face in our community, we couldn't help but feel deeply inspired, motivating us to ‘Make A Difference’. This shared concern ignited our passion, and here we are today.


Making the Difference Charitable Trust initiated a project called “Lajja”, contrary to the name of the project which is synonymous with “Shame”. Lajja aims to create a big, positive change in how menstrual health is managed in India.


Our motivation is rooted in the belief that every woman in India deserves access to safe and effective menstrual hygiene products. We are driven by the vision of a healthier, more empowered future for women, where they can confidently manage their menstrual health. By providing education and access to quality products, we aim to break down barriers and create a positive shift towards better menstrual hygiene practices.


We are tirelessly working towards pursuing Our Mission, which is:

“To help India to achieve Maximum Menstrual Hygiene and eco-friendly products adoption.”



Our goals:

-       Good Health and Well being of menstruating women.

-       Responsible consumption and production of menstrual hygiene products.

-       Provide Quality Education and awareness about menstrual hygiene.

-       Move towards Gender Equality.



It's not just our goal; it's our unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of countless women across the nation.



Our team is relentlessly dedicated towards optimizing project efficiency and pinpointing the critical areas of focus. In the past year alone, we have already impacted the lives of over 13,970 women and young girls across the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.




Our Impact:

- 13,620+ Girls & Women sensitized for Menstrual hygiene

- Distributed 37,560+ reusable cloth pads

- Conducted 110+ sessions

- 8000+ Educational books distributed


However, our unwavering commitment extends far beyond this achievement, as we set our sights on an ambitious goal: to elevate and transform the lives of a staggering 50,000 women in the years ahead.