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Menstrual Hygiene Program - kanpur

Menstrual Hygiene  Program - kanpur

LAJJA (Kanpur)

Pad is worn during menstruation to absorb the flow of blood. It is used by the girl during her periods so that it can help her carry out normal work without any discomfort. But still there are many women who don’t use pads but clothes because of their financial instability and also due to lack of proper knowledge.

MAKING THE DIFFERENCE CHARITABLE TRUST took a step towards spreading education on menstrual hygiene.

The event held on 30/10/22
This event was organized at Sariya Mandi in Kanpur.
• 50 Sanitary pads
• 50 Women are present
• 2 Volunteer

We educated and distributed 50 sanitary pads to underprivileged women at Sariya Mandi in Kanpur.

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