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Blood Donation at Kalpataru - Mumbai

Blood Donation  at Kalpataru  - Mumbai


Blood is essential to help patients survive surgeries, cancer treatment, chronic illnesses, and traumatic injuries. Donating one unit of blood may save the lives of up to three people. Blood donors provide a vital service to the community.

MAKING THE DIFFERENCE CHARITABLE TRUST worked in the matter and organized blood camps at different locations. Previously MTD had organized several blood donation camps and all of which resulted in great success. KALPATARU GROUP OF COMPANIES approached MAKING THE DIFFERENCE CHARITABLE TRUST for organizing a blood donation camp on the occasion of 78th Birthday of their founder and chairman MR.Mofatraj Munot at their workplace for their employees.

The camp was organized on 04/10/2022 at the kalpataru Synergy Building in Santacruz.

Making The Difference Charitable Trust organised this blood donation camp in association with Pallavi Blood Bank, based in Borivali. It was a successful event, with the collection of a total of 79 units of blood.

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